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Angle Bulls. We breed our bassethouds with love ! We based near to the capital city of Hungary.After buying a nice male also from US we plan our future litters. Conservation of the basic characteristic of the breed, the natural herding instict is very important for me too. 76). Black Giant Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzers in p/s and b/s color. Sie sind selbst Züchter? I have always loved dogs since my childhood and our family constantly had a dog member. Wählen Sie eine andere Region aus oder suchen Sie in allen Regionen. All unsere Hunde werden geimpft, gechipt, (ab einem Alter von 8 … Bullterrier & Miniatur Bullterrier; Wir möchten jeden, der sich für diese wundervollen Rassen interessiert, zu einem Besuch auf unserer informativen Website einladen. Miniature Schnauzer. Please visit my website :). Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Lesen Sie hier, welche Züchter aktuell Welpen dieser Rasse abgeben. Sollten Sie ein auffälliges, unseriös erscheinendes Staffordshire Bullterrier-Inserat bemerken, informieren Sie uns bitte. Kutyáink mindannyian champion eredményekkel, tenyészthető minősítéssel rendelkeznek, és a fajtát terhelő betegségektől igazoltan mentesek. Miniature Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier . Sollten Sie ein auffälliges, unseriös erscheinendes Staffordshire Bullterrier-Inserat bemerken, informieren Sie uns bitte. Angle Bulls. Wir sind seit 1995 vdh staffordshire Bullterrier Züchter Aus Baden württemberg.0 unsere Staffordshire Bull Terrier Leben mit uns zusammen im Haus und Garten,... . They have huge heads and dark, amber- colored eyes.Their hair is of medium length, and it is black-on-white, dun or gray spots. Our vizslas are family members, they have exhibition and working results, active hunting dogs. My name is Papp Róbertné Aliz (in English: Alice), herding judge and vice-president of Fényes Mudi Klub. Our goal is to breed versatile family friendly dogs according to FCI standards. 1 Gilt für Lieferungen in folgendes Land: Deutschland. We breed only FCI standard Boston Terriers in very limited quantity. Beauty and character since 1991The kennel name 'Jumping Wallaby' refers to the sparkling temperament and vivacity that both typify Irish terriers. They have huge heads and dark, amber-colored eyes. We proudly introduce our Afghan Hounds. Yvonne Strauby. Bullterrier Züchter - Bullterrier Welpen - Bullterrier Zucht Bullterrier, Bull Terrier, Welpen, Zucht, Züchter, Deutschland, Baden-Württemberg • Bayern • Berlin • Brandenburg • Bremen • Hamburg • Hessen • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern • Niedersachsen • Nordrhein-Westfalen • Rheinland-Pfalz … Reliable breeder with unique lines and show dogs. Kennelünkben kék/blue és vörös-fehér/red-pied staffordshire bull terrier fedezőkanokat, és szukákat láthat. Our aim is to breed healthy dogs both in body and soul, who stand their ground in the show ring as well as in sports or hunting, but most importantly as perfect and indispensable family members. Yorkshire Terrier kennel (FCI) from Hungary. Staffordshire bullterrier-züchter "true legends" Hildesheim, Hildesheim. Australian Cattle Dog - Border Collie - Welsh Corgi Pembroke The Professional Choice Kennel was created in 2011 in Europe, Hungary. My husband and me decided the first meeting, we will be keep lot of dog, and so we will build up with dogs our future. Staffordshire Bullterrier-Züchter "Eastbull" Oschatz, Nordsachsen. Active hunting dogs with excellent show and working results. Szűrt, eredményes. We are a small kennel situated in Hungary near the Serbian and Romanian border. Der Kleine ist am 13.12.2020 geboren und sucht ein schönes Zuhause. ... Wir sind seit 1995 vdh staffordshire Bullterrier Züchter Aus Baden württemberg.0 unsere Staffordshire Bull Terrier Leben mit uns zusammen im Haus und Garten,... . Our main points are the heath, the bloodlines and healthy behavior, caracter (we try to prepare babies how to live in urban environment). Rat und Tat +49 (0) 152 - 246 933 55 Wir sind für Sie da von 09:30 … Furthermore our aim is to breed dogs that can represent this breed with dignity both in Hungary and in other parts of the world. Staffordshire Bullterrier Zucht. Die Liebe begann mit einer schon verstorbenen Hündin, die uns so viel Freude bereitet hat, jedoch konnte man mit dieser Hündin, aus gesundheitlichen Gründen nicht züchten. Now my life would be totally unthinkable without westies. We are one of those who value the importance of health, good temperament and type dogs. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Der Club, und seine Züchter, bemühen sich mit bestem Wissen und Gewissen, gesunde und rassetypische Hunde zu züchten, die keine Qualzuchtmerkmale aufweisen. We enjoy our common life with our dogs and our goal is to combine show quality, excellent temperament and hunting ability in our dogs. Die Hunde sind Ungarn. Haustier-anzeiger der seriöse tiermarkt mit über 100. We breed champion lines for quality. We would like you to participate from the outset in the planning, construction and initial success of our breeding. For more information and photo please visit our homepage. We are a shorthaired miniature dachshund kennel in Szombathely, Hungary. Staffordshire Bullterrier Zucht. We are both big animal lovers, which means that now we share our home with 20 dogs and 4 cats. Pinscher in groß und klein Deutscher pinscher . Vor 20 Tagen. Breeder of quality pure bred Malteses. Seit 10.06.2000 züchte ich American Staffordshire Terrier. Teljesen elvarázsolt csodálatos külsejével, természetével. It is also very fortunate that can take the other really well, without any disputes. All dogs are health tested. I breed Smoothhaired Miniature and Kaninchen sized Dachshunds in Hungary. Staffordshire Bullterrier Hundezüchter: 1-5 ( von Gesamt: 5 ) Patrick Gabel 65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg Hessen. :), Atlantisz is the most older active boston terrier kennel in Hungary. Frankreich, Italien, Niederlande, Österreich, Ungarn. We breed American Staffordshire Terrier and Great Danes.Our breed is in the beautiful south of Hungary. Wir sind eine Verbandskörperschaft des Österreichischen Kynologenverbandes (ÖKV). Hello, I'm Attila Bonta from Hungary. All our dogs live with us as members of the Family. Also in Eastern Europe there can be serious breeders. The puppies grown among the adults and get the most and the best what we can do and give for them…. Spam melden. He was the direct descendant of World Champion Peppermint Drum Major. Our mission is to improve our bloodlines, genetic diversity, quality, temperament, therefore we are regularly importing dogs from different bloodlines. Die Hunde sind Ungarn. My name is Klára Imre, I am a hungarian puli lover and breeder. Most important the character, health, moviment and size. Vor 30+ Tagen. And last but not least I'd like Gert and Ilse Blankestijn to be added to the list who deserve my thanks, for Ian at first, and for the continuous attention they still provide for our joint efforts. Come and visit our site. Spam melden. Züchter, Hundezüchter in Ungarn und Umgebung auf Welcome to the Dorozsmai White Kennel High quality Puli és Kuvasz breed from Hungary. i very like dogs. Staffordshire Bullterrier-Welpen zu kaufen/verkaufen: Wurftag 22.06.2020, gestromt, Tiszavasvári (Ungarn). Ha ez a szeretet kölcsönös akkor viszont a világ legcsodálatosabb kis lényét kapja . Small family based Australian Shepherd kennel in the south of Hungary. Miniature/kaninchen shorthaired & longhaired dachshund breeding & professional handling. They are easy to live and travel with, they enjoy participating in family outings. Our gilrs born and growed up in Thailand and 2016 moved to Hungary. I think he is a really great asset and I hope that the quality level of my breeding enterprise will be raised even more.The westie can be recommended to those who favour dogs as members of the family. Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage des “Österreichischen Staffordshire Bullterrier Club” (ÖSBC)! Bullterrier-welpen vom Züchter "miniature-bullterrier Welpen Extra auslesegesundheitszucht nur in allerbeste Hände" ... Staffordshire bullterrier-züchter "true legends" Hildesheim, Hildesheim. They don’t really know what to do with them. My future plan to breed healthy dog with good character, general appearance is near to the standard to be suitable for any dog sport (like agility, frisbee, dogdancing), competition and being a perfect companion. Information on the website and e-mail!!! Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Rassehunde kaufen und verkaufen Deutschlands sicherster Hundemarkt Jetzt Traumhund finden auf! For puppies for sale please check our website. Come and see our champions and available puppies. We raise our puppies also as family members, with non-stop care. The most important factor in our idea is that all dog's life will be balanced, adventurous, playful, and sporty.Our kennel's traits: power, activity, passion, maximalism!Motto: happy dog=satisfied dog :DFor us, the most perfect leisure time is the sport with my dogs. Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. We are breeding in Hungary in a little silence city. To breed collie rough in colors blue merle and tricolor. :o) 1999 óta tenyésztem a fajtát. We want to breed as wonderful companion or show dogs as our minis are. A full-bodied, powerful and impressive-looking dog. Spam melden. Deutschland. Sie sind am... . All our dogs live together with us in our house. MwSt. Their hair is of medium length, it can be black-on-white and also with dun or gray spots. I live in the 18th district of Budapest, in the suburb of Pestimre. Lesen Sie ausführliche Informationen zur Hunderasse Staffordshire Bullterrier im Rasseportrait. I am Andrea Deák. Unsere Hunde Leben mit uns als Familienmitglieder zusammen im eigenen Haus mit Garten. We are a family Leonberger Kennel from Hungary.The Leonberger is our passion in life and we are now proud owners of 1 female and 1 male. Our dogs are fully family members and best buddies for a lifetime. Informationen You can find every informations on our website. A little kennel in Budapest, Hungary. Täglich neue Angebote auf I'd like to thank the ever-pleasing Jack ( now in his 16th year) to Inge van Willigenburg. Staffordshire Bullterrier . Preis prüfen. Stellen Sie kostenlos Ihre Hundezucht vor. If we sell our puppies, they will be vaccinated, chipped get their pedigree and an international petpassport. Staffordshire Bullterrier Mischlinge Achtung: Es gibt immer wieder Betrüger, die versuchen, Staffordshire Bullterrier-Welpen zu verkaufen. 000 kleinanzeigen: hunde katzen pferde kleintiere nutztiere reptilien fische v ; Bullterrier in Not e.V. Staffordshire Bullterrier Zucht. We hope you like our dogs and you will come back to see it! Először Duncansby majd Duncansby Spotted kennelnéven. Es haben sich bei uns bereits 20 American Staffordshire Terrier Züchter aus 5 Ländern eingetragen. The main profile of our kennel is shepherd dog breeding, which is perfect for horse lover people also.The Border Collie from the borderlands of England and Scotland herding mainly sheep, while the Australian Cattle Dog herding huge cattle such as Welsh Corgi Pembroke, but all of them types are great for follow the horse riders. Our kennel is a family based kennel with english type golden retrievers. On this webpage you can find information’s about our kennel and our activity.

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