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Registration periods | Help- and Informationpage for the ... Jogustine. I do … You can drop off documents at the mailbox of the post office. Please note: Due to the amount of requests reaching the “Studierendenservice” at the moment there is a delay up to one week in answering them. E-Mail. Further reading suggestions will be given in class. Address Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz Faculty Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. If you missed the main registration period then make sure you register for your courses in the second registration period one week before the semester begins. Try to log in to https://mail.students.uni-mainz.de. JOGUSTINE – University information system. Mo – Do, 9:00 – 16:00 Uhr WS 2019/2020. Bibliographic data are essential for researchers. Studies and Life in Mainz. In addition, students already enrolled at the University of Mainz can apply for a change of subject within JOGU-StINe. Staudingerweg 7 55128 Mainz, Germany +49 6131 39 20660 . Logo of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. hotline@zdv.uni-mainz.de or visit the zdv-helpdesk (room 00-47, NatFak, Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg 12) Master of Science in International Economics and Public Policy (MIEPP) Go to: www.jogustine.uni-mainz.de ! Zusätzliche Informationen zu dieser Seite. JGU at a glance; Study in a open-minded and friendly … In this case, simply log in to JOGU-StINe with your university account and select the Application/Registration button in the toolbar. Keep in … Bookmarks will appear here. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung liegt beim Autor. Campus Mainz. 322 likes. The excerpts will be uploaded on Jogustine five days before the block seminar dates. • Jogustine.uni-mainz.de resolves to the IP addresses Um sich bei JOGU-StINe anzumelden, rufen Sie mit ihrem Browser die Webseite https://jogustine.uni-mainz.de/ auf. In certain cases, this can be done in cooperation. ( madenzer@uni-mainz.de) Themenübersicht. Bitte informieren Sie sich in diesem Fall ebenso auf der Webseite des ZDV. SS 2017: Vorlesung: Harmonische Analysis und Partielle Differentialgleichungen (digital, bitte über jogustine anmelden und dann ins zugehörige Moodle schauen!) Advising by appointment only. Registration for exams (via Jogustine) • The Exam Office will not automatically register you for any exams. Non-German Courses. M.A. This can be done by using the widget RSS-Feed or the Plugin JGU-XSL. JOGU-StINe Service INT Name der Bank Sparkasse Mainz Swiftcode MALADE51MNZ IBAN DE60 5505 0120 0000 0108 68 Verwendungszweck Nachname, Geburtsdatum Antragsteller/in 2. Vorstellung JOGU-StINe Ilias Readerplus Outlook ... Jogustine . All assigned readings can be accessed either via hyperlink from the Syllabus, via electronic resources of the central library (ub.uni-mainz.de) of the JGU or on Moodle (lms.uni-mainz.de). In this case, please contact the Center for Data Processing (ZDV). The application for recognition of foreign certificates can be filed at … Nachdem Sie die Funktionsfähigkeit Ihres Accounts getestet haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an das für Ihren Studiengang zuständige Studienbüro. Posts from other web pages or blogs can be imported into your blog. Informationen hierzu finden Sie auf den Webseiten des Zentrums für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV). university username university password . Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katja Heinze; Univ-Prof. Dr. Angela Möller Shortname: V. AC 3 Course No. Just make sure to submit the application by the application deadline. During this introductory stage, you will receive information on your degree program and on necessary steps, such as how to register for courses and examinations on JOGUStINe. Events & Culture. 1. Telephone Hotline +49 6131 39-29999 ℹ️ mail.uni-mainz.de receives about 38,037 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 25,698 in the world. Registration for exams (via Jogustine) • The Exam Office will not automatically register you for any exams. Voraussetzung für die Arbeit mit dem Online-Portal JOGU-StINe ist ein Computer mit Internetzugang und der Uni-Account des Zentrums für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV). Please contact us as soon as possible (exchange@international.uni-mainz.de) and let us know that you cannot/do not want to come to Mainz. Time: Wednesdays, 10:15 - 11:45 Location: online. Diese Seite wird von der PoWi Fachschaft der JGU Mainz betreut und bewirbt die Ringvorlesung, die sich mit halbjährlich wechselnden Themen befasst. Credits: 5 ECTS (+ 3 ECTS for the tutorial) How to register All further steps are explained in JOGU-StINe. E-Mail Fri, 9 am – 1 pm, Logo of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Help- and Informationpage for the JOGU-StINe Webportal, Exception: small groups and registration groups, Export and import of grading lists to enter in grades in Microsoft Excel, Requesting a replacement TAN list for students, Requesting a replacement TAN list for teaching staff, JOGU-StINe Informationsbroschüre für Studierende. What IP addresses does Jogustine.uni-mainz.de resolve to? Compulsory courses and compulsory elective courses Fillable Online ev theologie uni-mainz Fax +49 6131 3920867 ... Jogustine. Assignment 2: Class presentation. The JOGU-StINe web portal gives applicants the opportunity to apply online for the Johannes Gutenberg University. Aufenthalts- und Arbeitsrecht [Deutsch] Residence and Employment Act [English] ZDV-Account. As part of the university-wide introduction of the Bachelor's/Master's degree programs in the winter semester of 2008/09, not only the degree programs as such were reformed but the way in which degree programs were organized also changed significantly for all participants involved as a result of the new degree program structure. If you are working toward a doctorate at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, you will apply to be accepted as a doctoral candidate as part of the registration process on https://jogustine.uni-mainz.de. This account can be easily created in the application area by clicking on the menu item Create account. University Sports . Geben Sie hier Ihren Benutzernamen und Ihr Passwort ein und überprüfen Sie so Ihren Account-Status. Are you already studying at the University of Mainz and are looking for information, e.g. You can get in touch with us by phone or email. Applications can be started and saved in JOGU-StINe You can interrupt and edit your application again and again without losing any of the data entered. physics@uni-mainz.de Degree Programs. LEI Erasmus Team. In order to create a completely new application, you need a user account. Students who are already enrolled at JGU and wish to apply for a change of subject or a double degree can also do so online, but do not need a new user account. on stays abroad, study planning, rematriculation, BAföG (state financial support) or on combining studies and work? JOGU-StINe Service Hotline +49 6131 39-22122. PoWi Fachschaft Mainz - Ringvorlesung. This assignment is about presentation of a topic in class. Foreigners become Friends. If you’ve also missed the second registration period then you can still register in the third registration period during the first week of lectures. Assignment 3: Simulation project. WS 2019/2020. In addition, students already enrolled at the University of Mainz can apply for a change of subject within JOGU-StINe. ComingToJGU: Information for New International Students at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Viktor Bozhinov ( viktor.bozhinov@uni-mainz.de) Manuel Denzer M. Sc. Page-Name:Behavioural Ecology and Social Evolution Last Update:13.April 2011 Achten Sie bei der Eingabe Ihres Passwortes auf die richtige Groß-/Kleinschreibung. You can reach the JOGU-StINe web portal at http://jogustine.uni-mainz.de Enter your username and password of your university account in the upper right corner and then click on the Log in button. WS 2020/2021. Registration for Courses. JGU currently advises all exchange students NOT to travel to Mainz. Mon – Thurs, 9 am – 4 pm Homepage. Type a description and hit enter to create a bookmark; 3. Rufen Sie dazu folgende Seite auf: https://account.uni-mainz.de. Sollte das System Ihren Benutzernamen und Ihr Passwort nicht akzeptieren, versuchen Sie bitte erneut, sich anzumelden. 55128 Mainz Tel +49 6131 39-22145 Fax +49 6131 39-23858 Email: emigr@uni-mainz.de. Our website contains all the information you will need. Fax +49 6131 39-25548. Reflection / Yay or Nay. You are a German or equivalent German applicant. Office hours: please contact me via email » cv-----» Publikationen ----- Course Materials Links. Due to the current developments of the corona pandemic, the student service center will be closed from Thursday, 17.12.2020 until further notice. Hotline +49 6131 39-29999 Eventuell ist auch die Feststelltaste Ihrer Tastatur aktiviert. Jogustine. You only need one user account. If you cannot access the page, there is probably a technical problem with your university account. Please note: Our office is closed between December 21, 2020 until … You need to know who can assist you with specific queries? The university library therefore provides its researchers with an own bibliography! Wenn Sie sich trotz richtiger Eingabe des Benutzernamens und des Passwortes nicht anmelden können, testen Sie zunächst, ob Ihr Uni-Account funktionsfähig ist. Find more data about mail. Fr, 9:00 – 13:00 Uhr, Logo der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Hilfe- und Informationsseiten zum Webportal JOGU-StINe, Zusätzliche Informationen zu dieser Seite, FAQs für Lehrende und Stellvertreter*innen, Ausnahme: Kleingruppen und Anmeldegruppen, Export und Import von Bewertungslisten zur Noteneingabe in Microsoft Excel, Online-Verifikation von Dokumenten an der JGU, JOGU-StINe Informationsbroschüre für Studierende, JOGU-StINe Einführungsveranstaltung für Erstsemester und Neueinschreiber*innen. Show/Hide Navigation ComingToJGU [Deutsch] ComingToJGU [English] Rechtliche Informationen/Legal Information. Additional information about this page. https://jogustine.uni-mainz.de › Informations read from Jogustine: Winter Semester 2021 Vorlesung Anorganische Chemie 3 (B. Once you have been admitted, you can apply for a certificate of attendance at attendance events by e-mail to studsek@uni-mainz.de, quoting your application number. WS 2020/2021 phantom. Können Sie sich ohne Probleme einloggen, ist Ihr Uni-Account funktionsfähig. If the degree that qualifies you to seek a doctorate was received in a foreign country, you will need to have it recognized first by the International Admission Office. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Find your degree program. You will receive messages relating to your application as usual via your student e-mail address. E-Mail Jogustine. Mitarbeiter*innen der Universität erhalten ihren Uni-Account in der Regel mit dem Dienstantritt. Please refrain from further calling or emailing until your request has been answered. Sc.) Submit. Posts from other blogs. Application process via Jogustine Please apply online (https:\\jogustine.uni-mainz.de/) for the recognition of foreign certificates. When Jogustine choose me to be a ... veranstaltung in JOGUStINe - Studienbüros des Fachbereiches 09. • Jogustine.uni-mainz.de has servers located in Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, 55118, Germany. GLIEDERUNG. Bachelor Degree; Master Degree; PhD Program; Why JGU. WiSe | Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz How to choose your specialization ? Geben Sie in den hier rot markierten Feldern den Benutzernamen und das Passwort Ihres Uni-Accounts ein und klicken Sie anschließend rechts auf die Schaltfläche Anmelden: Danach erscheint Ihre persönliche Startseite. You do not need to submit an application. Each student is asked to discuss his/her choice with the instructor, and prepare a session from the syllabus. mail.uni-mainz.de links to network IP address You are not yet studying at JGU Mainz? German Courses. Where are Jogustine.uni-mainz.de servers located in? Mitarbeiter*innen der Universität erhalten ihren Uni-Account in der Regel mit dem Dienstantritt. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Abteilung Internationales GIS Services. SS 2020. Gastwissenschaftler*innen, Projektmitarbeiter*innen oder externe Nutzer*innen können unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen einen Uni-Account beantragen. If the semester you wish to apply for is not yet listed, choose the corresponding semester of the previous year. … Just make sure to submit the application by the application deadline. Select the appropriate semester in the upper left-hand margin. E-Mail: fb03-international@uni-mainz.de Dieses Vorhaben wird aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung unter dem Förderkennzeichen 01PL12055 gefördert. Course Catalogue (JOGUStINe) GIS Course Offer. Applications can be started and saved in JOGU-StINe You can interrupt and edit your application again and again without losing any of the data entered. • If you have registered for a module/course via Jogustine you are not automatically registered for the corresponding exam. For applicants* from abroad, this confirmation will be provided with the letter of admission in the download area in Jogustine. Von Ihnen wird erwartet, zu folgenden Themen ähnliche Analysen wie existierende Studien durchzuführen. mail.uni-mainz.de uses Microsoft HTTPAPI web technologies. Find out more on researchelements.uni-mainz.de. Voraussetzung für die Arbeit mit dem Online-Portal JOGU-StINe ist ein Computer mit Internetzugang und der Uni-Account des Zentrums für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV). Are you already studying at JGU Mainz? Click the Bookmarks tab when you're watching a session; 2. Empfänger Universität Mainz, Abt. 55099 Mainz Germany. Additional information about this page. In all other cases, please contact the JOGUStINe Service. FB08 Studies.

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