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It's done. I think that's the value of the code, for newbies and experienced players - it gives you a sense of what the larger geocaching community agrees upon and makes you think about things that you otherwise could take for granted (i.e. Sammlung schöner Tarnungen If no one recognized a bug as property of the owner they could just do whatever they please with it. Put the cache back where you found it and hide it well. The first iteration of "Geocachers' Code" was released on December 23, 2004 after 3,626 views and a month’s active discussion among 35 geocachers in the development thread). Buchstabenwortwerte - Digitaldream; Buchstabenwortwerte - GC Tools; Buchstabenwortwerte - … The bulleted text are examples of how to apply the code with further explanation. This is tantamount to stealing. A discreet sticker on the back is interfering. Folgen. Like any outdoor activity, geocaching involves some inherent risk and many geocachers enjoy manageable risks. There are those of us who really enjoy TBs and think they are a real enhancement to the geocaching experience. A separate thread was opened to discuss distributing the code - please limit comments on the distribution thread to distributing the code. Don't provide any hints if the cache description asks you not to. [*]If you exchange trade items, trade kindly: Consider what future finders would like and leave something equal to or better than what you take. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Rating: 100%. If no response is forthcoming, then maybe an escallation process could be added to the guidelines? My desire is to develop a code whose tenets are agreeable to the majority of geocachers. the amount of information confronting me was mind-numbing, and, again, it was with relief I found the Code post. Die richtigen Tipps zum Lösen von Mystery helfen dir beim Geocaching sicher. 15 Years of Geocaching in Canada (Black Nickel Version) This geocoin with translucent enamel and sub-enamel details celebrates the 15th anniversary of Geocaching in Canada. And your experience shows that, in the absence of a code, zealots already feel empowered to create and try to enforce their own rules. The code is about geocaching. Nüvi Converter (Offline Version) ... For those interested the JavaScript source code can be viewed here. 1 Review. If something is not specifically listed in the examples, refer back to the "intent" by looking at the main tenets (in bold). Don’t tamper with or involve a game piece in "alternate" games without the owner’s permission. pick up litter). Somewhere above it was requested that you include "fun" in these guidelines. I would have liked that myself as a newbie. 2 Reviews. An earlier one will take precedence over a later one. You tell me.... Is there a rule against it? What heck are these forums for? Practice "Lift, Look, Replace" - put all stones or logs back where you found them. So, no, I don't think the threat of "FAQ thumpers" maybe using The Code to beat us over the head as a reason to change it. GPS Visualizer An online utility that creates maps and profiles from geographic data. A worldwide game that involves everything from clues to camping, geocaching is a great way to spend some time outside, using your tech skills and tools like GPS, Google search, the Geocache app, and more to find treasures hidden in the most unlikely places. Perhaps it should say, "When searching for a cache, practice "Lift, Look, Replace" - put all stones or logs back where you found them. Simply specify the url of the image or upload one to read. It's designed to orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations. Discover (and save!) A cache you own, or one you're trading out of, could be found by children or even a prisoner work crew - consider the location of the cache and those likely to find it when deciding what to leave as a trade item. Geocaching seems to have more than its fair share of Type A, control freak personalities. 30.06.2020 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Geocaching Codetabellen“ von Silke Leinweber. This was the thought process behind it this. Jeder Geocaching Aufkleber erhält eine individuelle Trackingnummer, die auf nachverfolgt werden kann. Of course they were a bit overwhelming, and upon going back later (once in a snit with a reviewer, where I was clearly wrong), I realized I hadn't absorbed half of them. Discover (and save!) While they may still owe, don't expect it back--life will be much easier. Geocaching free download - Geocaching Deutschland, Geocaching Belgium, Geocaching Norway, and many more programs Geocaching Sammlung von Günter Göbel. to have a consensus code of geocaching conduct developed by the larger geocaching community, for the larger geocaching community. It also has the side benefit of communicating to outsiders what the majority of geocachers agree on, which is some pretty positive stuff for the sport as a whole! Move traveling items toward their goal if possible. OH mannnn, I wish I could dig the offending email up. Seit vielen Jahren versuche ich Geocaching – Mysterys zu lösen. Do not interfere with their enjoyment of the game by destroying or modifying game pieces they are using to play" <-- covers TB's, Micros and self-appointed cache-cops. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 846 Nutzer auf Pinterest. The funny part was the (I'll be nice) user was contacting me because they felt it was WRONG for me to revisit a cache to grab a bug. When you say a username at an event and several people immediatly recount similiar experiences..... You get the picture? I am totally against giving TB whiners validation in print and with good reason. [*]Obtain permission from the originator before copying unique themes and techniques, adding to an existing series of caches, or placing a cache close to another. 18.03.2018 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Geocaching“ von Günter Göbel. This creates a cluster of caches in the 1-3 range that can be physically challenging, but rate only a 1.5 and others that are at the end of a easy long walk that get 2.5 to 3 just due to the distance. 18.03.2018 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Geocaching“ von Günter Göbel. When a cacher breaks the code and gets caught.......... Do they walk the trail of shame, or die the death of a thousand cuts, or something???? Does this code hurt us legally? (Again, this is not getting in appropriateness, only used as an example.). Seek permission on all private property that's not generally open to public access. Edit the log if the cache owner requests you to remove spoilers. All geocaching tools a geocacher needs in one box: a lot useful geocaching tools, links, html tips and more. Add to Compare. Weitere Ideen zu alphabet code, geocachen, geheimschriften. Perfect for leaving mysterious notes lying around the house. Seit einigen Monaten ist der hier schon Online aber keiner von uns hats bis jetzt geschafft ihn zu entschlüsseln. I'd like to count you among the supporters of the code, but, if you're going to oppose the entire Code just because it mentions traveling items, so be it. pick up litter)". I suspect it was made up. Project Geocaching is a site with the goal to provide dynamically generated statistics as well as maps and tools for all the geocachers in the world. In the "Not endanger myself or others" part, Not carrying a firearm would ne a nice addition I think. (It will be like hearding cats too.) Einfach zum selber anschauen und um sie vielleicht Bekannten zu zeigen, um denen das Hobby Geocaching näher Or if Jeremy is reading, perhaps he could give us an update on the distribution thread. Even after caching for over 18 months, I found myself re-evaluating my own attitudes as we were discussing developing the code. So, unless you think the example is wrong I think it should stay. how about "not damage or interfere with the function, utility or beauty of structures, buildings or signage? Not the message we're trying to send, since unsafe, illegal or unethical caching hurst us all, regardless of where the cache is listed. To put a clause about TBs in the code would just validate more whining about a hunk of plastic with a little metal tag. It's little different than trading fairly or a whole host of other actions that help us get along with our fellow players. I'm open to better wording suggestions. In the end, your list must of necessity be so "watered down" that it becomes almost irrelevant, or else be ignored at any given point. Apply the discount code on checkout page to get this offer. FWIW: IMO, TBs are a side game. If you feel strongly about being safe at all times whilst out caching, DON'T even attempt a 5/5 rated cache, stick to 1/3 or 2/3. It's really not broken as is. I am not providing legal services. "Do not damage or interfere with buildings, structures, or signage.". [Now if only I could figure out how to use Waypoints...hmmm]. Having Fun This doesn't seem like an ethical guideline, but perhaps we should add something the introduction, e.g. Use caution where children play. Voorbeeld van Tap code Hieronder kan je zien hoe het woord Geocaching versleuteld kan worden via de Tap code. (and I hate most rules). Links & Tools zum Umgang mit Geocaching: Cachelabel-Generator – Erstellen von Aufklebern und Stashnotes Cachestation – tolle elektronische Bastelarbeiten als Anregung gclogbuch – eine riesige Sammlung an – einer der enough already with all the nitpickin' ! Code 39 - Barcode - Bergziege-OWL. [*]Promptly alert the owner of any issues with their cache. Starter Kits; Geocaching Guides; Geocaching Books; Find-a-Cache. That's the point of a code, as Sputnik pointed out. It's designed to orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations, without diminishing their ability to have fun and enjoy geocaching. Viel Erfolg 3. However, as a newbie to the [game/sport/??] Text Sum = For some Geocaches it is necessary to sum up character values, starten from A=1 to Z=26. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 111 Nutzer auf Pinterest. I really see posting the code as protecting web sites that post it, not creating liability. -A- GCHN 2012 - Après Geocaching Geocoin Sammlung: 11/22/2015 trinebine: trinebine: 0 km -A- GCHN 2012 - Après Geocaching Geocoin Sammlung: 11/22/2015 trinebine: trinebine: 0 km -AB- QR Code Talker: 9/27/2020 trinebine: trinebine: 40523 km Ace's World Travel Geocoin How about under "Be Considerate...", just above the statement on moving traveling items towards their goal: "If you place a traveling item into the game, attach a tag that describes it's goal, so that others can help it along." And if the Pain asserts that the Code says something that it doesn't, it's no different than what he or she is already doing. Hey, why not change "will" to "might if I feel like it?" Weitere Ideen zu Geocachen, Geocaching, Alphabet code. I'm not new to CITO concept either, being a long-time member of Earthguardians and a practioneer of Leave No Trace since before the concept was popular. Nano Cache; Micro Cache; Larger Cache; Devious Cache; Ready to Hide Cache Kits; Geocache Labels; Rite in the Rain® Logbooks; First To Find; Night Caching; Make / Maintain Caches; Trackables. I'm hardly new to exploring, especially here in Nevada's deserts and mountains, and GC gives me new excuses...ah...REASONS to do that. (This is one of those things I wish I'd known as a newbie). A few TB guidelines in the code would be nice, especially those suggested by Kai Team. Geocaching is the world's largest treasure hunt. interessante Linkliste Ingwer International geocaching with ernies Rigicache allerhand rund um Geocaching, u.a. Give it a year and re-evaluate. They are an aspect of the game and the guidelines explain how they should be handled. Geocaching - Codes Collection by Wendy Stevens. Codetabellen (Farbcodes) - Bergziege-OWL - Geocaching ... ... […] Image code generator. So, no. (Of course, I'm not in the TB forums much, either.). A cache that programmed out at 1.5 but involved a short walk over a fragile bridge over a stream could be so noted, and a 3 that was basically at the end of a 1.5 mile walk along a dike pathway could also be so noted. Pretty soon no one would bother with placing a bug because few would last more than a hop or two. If I can dig up an old email, I'll illustrate my point later. It's designed to orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations. I also think that it is a good guildeline to cache seekers to immediately report any safety concerns they may have to the cache owner and to expect a response from the cache owner within a reasonable time-frame. FOUR MILES! They just moved it and then felt that gave them a say on who could pick it up. : Nach dieser Spalte ist die Tabelle sortiert #: Die Eigenschaft dieser Spalte trifft auf alle Logbücher zu #: grau hinterlegte Logb cher besitzen eine Stashnote 999:kann nicht eindeutig bestimmt werden 1 = Eine Logbuchgröße muss augewählt werden. Obtain the best possible coordinates for your cache to reduce unwarranted wear on the area. Personally, I assume that information in log books, online logs or the forums is not confidential, since anyone, anywhere in the world, can view the information at any time (all you have to do is find the cache or create an account at the listing or forum site). I don't see a difference between removing a travel bug from the game and removing a cache from the game. if you are going to do this thing, in these documents the language can be very important, I know you have been careful so far... Of course it's just MY opinion. However, it was a relief to read this Code and KNOW exactly what was expected of me as a new member. While we're on the topic of moderators, would it possible to have this thread pinned? Please, don't misunderstand! Perhaps this should be tweaked to say: "When creating a cache, describe any dangers and, if possible, arrange the hunt to minimize hidden dangers". Treat other geocachers civilly - in the field, in the forums, or wherever your paths may cross. Sure some lawyer asked for a rediculous verdict. Bergziege Projekte Geocaching Periodensystem Verschlüsselung Eule. See my pinned thread in the TB forum. 20.02.2019 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Geocaching“ von Petra Holzapfel. What mysteries will you solve? Dagger Code 67 Dalecarlische Runen 68 Dancing Men Code 69 Dancing Men Code (Variante 2) 70 Deadra Runen 71 Dethek Runen 72 Diamantina 73 Dives Akuru 74 Dothraki Alt 75 Dothraki Neu 76 Dotsie 77 Dovahzul 78 79 80 It makes sense to include a statement that the owner of a traveling item should attach a tag describing the bug's goal. pick up litter). ...Observe all laws and rules of the area. Tweet. Again, it's a courtesy to move a bug along its goal, not the law. But the award was given by 12 citizens, who are YOUR PEERS, almost certainly none of whom was a lawyer. Geocaching 5000 Geocaching Flex Lite Magnet Tool . Nombres avec 1,2,3,4 dont 211214 et 2331112 : Code-barre 128 Binaire avec 11111110 au début : QR code (la suite de 1 représente les cases noires du haut du 1er carré d’un QR) Ou suite de chiffres commençant par 7 (= 7 Let's not validate the TB whiners. That's the value of the code. your own Pins on Pinterest To put a clause about TBs in the code would just validate more whining about a hunk of plastic with a little metal tag. Although not explicitly addressing safety issues, I think this is covered under "Be Considerate...", i.e. When I was new to geocaching, I read all the guidelines and thought I knew how to geocache. Sometimes you have to put common cents into written form. [*]Cache owners appreciate feedback - write an online log, send an email, or otherwise let the owner know about your experience with their cache. Contact the owner if you hold a traveling item for more than a couple of weeks or so. If anything, the code supports that you've done nothing wrong. If it's the part about moving them toward their goal, how about a clarification: "If you pick up a traveling item with a tag describing its goal, move the item toward the goal if possible. I'm glad I did, because I can find NOTHING wrong with what they have compiled. You'll see if I find it. It tells its members that it expects them to be safe, legal and courteous. I shouldn't HAVE to explain to an ADULT that I'm not responsible for a TB after it leaves my hands. This is a voluntary code - it describes how geocachers in general act. Never! [*]Move traveling items toward their goal if possible. Are you reacting to the part about not collecting traveling items, the part about moving them towards their goal, or both? Ancient Symbols by monstee on DeviantArt. I wanted this to be a code for all sites to be able to use, but if a particular group doesn't want to adopt it for whatever reason, that's not my hang up. The main tenets of the code itself are pretty well settled, but new ideas are still coming in for refining the examples. Jeder von uns kennt die normale PC oder Schreibmaschinentastatur (QWERTZ/QWERTY) In den 30er Jahren … Keystone Approver, who moderated the development thread, said he was discussing (with folks inside how they would display/promote the code. without diminishing their ability to have fun and enjoy geocaching. All of the mentioned caches had low impact on the surroundings but some "material" was used for the hide. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 285 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Diese einzelnen Link-Adressen möchte ich hier reinstellen. Chr.) Viellicht könnt ihr uns ja helfen (^-^) Danke!!! Koordinaten: - Zielführung - Koordinatenprojektion - Abstand zwischen Koordinaten - Schnittpunkt zweier Geraden - Schnittpunkt zweier Kreise - Schnittpunkt Gerade/Kreis - … Discover (and save!) The "Geocachers' Code" was finalized on December 23, 2004 after a great deal of input over the course of a month from many geocachers. Does this code hurt us legally? Something written on the back of a sign that can be wiped off is not interfering (maybe still illegal but not part of this dicussion), a magnetic attachment on the post and out of sight is not interfering. ...Avoid causing disruptions or public alarm. My gawd! You might then form a governing council for International Geocaching. Infer what you will from it and no one can find much fault with it. Koordinaten: - Zielführung - Koordinatenprojektion - Abstand zwischen Koordinaten - Schnittpunkt zweier Geraden - Schnittpunkt zweier Kreise - Schnittpunkt Gerade/Kreis - Koordinatenumr… Sorry I didn't respond to your post yesterday. As it says in the intro - the code describes how geocachers in general act...It's designed to orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations. Anyone see a problem with this change? They are not so good for ones that are a little harder than a 1 but not hard enough for a 2, and the terrain ones really fall off when anything that can't be reached in a wheelchair has to be more than a 1. When placing or seeking geocaches, I should: And "should" instead of "WILL" to make it more palatable for some. If I got into trouble attempting them - hey! Because there was no guidance about revisiting a cache to pick up a TB someone made one up. Here's the first iteration of the examples and further explanations (the main tenets are in bold, the examples are bulleted), for your review and comment: Introduction: This is a voluntary code - it describes how geocachers in general act, and is not representative of any particular listing service. OT: I always wonder when people blame lawyers for extreme results like the McDonalds verdict (which was settled for a modest amount that didn't make the headlines, as I understand it). The argument about safe caching and the variety of cachers hunting them could be settled with better definition of terms and clearer difficulty ratings. These so called "Code-ites" could try to use the code as a weapon of conformity. After a year take a look at it again. The arguments down in Texas, I would assume, represent any other State, and cover all responses. May 20, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Grand BeLeaf. That' cool, Just as an Idea, when new cachers sign up, that should be sent by e-mail to show them the rules and guidelines. Navigation Add to dashboard. $9.99 USD There's a poll going on over at TXGA and the code thread in our forum just got a bit more interesting. disclaimer: personal legal opinion only. Don't attempt anything beyond your abilities. Geocaching Sammlung von Christa Hänggi 1,05Tsd. - vloženo do Poradna: Zdravim ve spolek, mam tady z jednoho srazu ctverec vypadajici jako QR code ale uprostred je napsane myGeoDB beznym zpusobem me to nejde jako jaky koli QR code dekodovat, prosim tedy zkusenejsi poradte jak se toto resi ? There will always be "FAQ thumpers" no matter what. and anyway, I followed "the code" before there was a "code", and continue to do so! I sent email to a friend to see if she might have a copy. I think KA may be away this week - I noted on the distribution thread that we're waiting for him or her to let us know how those discussions are going (I believe is supportive of posting the code, it's the details of how/where that they're discussing). Celebrating 20 Years of Geocaching; Challenges and Milestones; Premium Member Collection; Novelty Items; CITO Collection; EarthCache™ Collection; GeoTour Logo Products; Recently Added; Get Started. Der Text Die Originalseite [ ] 31.01.13 I think I captured all the suggestions above. Perhaps a required part of the cache description would be a breakdown of the two ratings. Hier findest du alles, um die nächsten Multis und Mysteries zu meistern. I'm not reacting. ...Minimize my and others' impact on the environment. Buildings: How about "Do not damage or interfere with the function of buildings, structures, or signage". geocaching, oder die suche nach der tupperdose – by JR849 Sammlung von Logbuchvorlagen Vergangenen Samstag stand mal wieder mein persönlicher Twitter-Rausputz an und die neuen Follower wurden von mir unter die Lupe genommen. Please, don't misunderstand! Don’t place a cache near schools or government buildings unless the administration and staff are fully aware of the placement. 32 Pins • 111 Follower. I fail to see how the hiking death of a 68 year-old man with a heart history relates. Hallo, ich möchte gerne eine kleine Sammlung selbst gekaufter (teils hochpreisiger) Geocoins aufbauen. Don’t place a cache near critical infrastructure that might be considered a terrorist target, or create a cache that could be mistaken for a terrorist device (e.g. A big Thanks to all geocachers who created logsheets for free for the geocaching community in the internet. Klingon Alphabet- maybe the next language I learn ( I have a problem).; Geoplaner; Flopp's Karte; Deine Berge; Koordinaten-Rechner; Koordinaten mitteln; what3words; Buchstaben & Worte. then again, maybe I'm putting too fine a point on it. 11.11.2020 - Erkunde Marion Lüthis Pinnwand „Codes für Geocaching“ auf Pinterest. The Code has the potential to make things better, and it does no harm. "Be Considerate" is enough. is the biggest and most-used geocaching site on the internet! "Will" is strong and gives power to the tenets when someone reads them. Any other thoughts along these lines?? Minimize giving unsolicited clues that reveal the cache (i.e. It's skunked me twice and the third time I took a look at the area saw the area was being terraformed and realized that I would no longer hunt this one and be part of that. just keep it simple as snoogans has suggested and get on with it.....humble opinion of one who knows nearly nothing about the subject but is willing to learn. This is a voluntary code - it describes how geocachers in general act, and is not representative of any particular listing service. But give it time to let it settle in. That didn't stop Mickey D's from losing millions. Oct 4, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Richard Tatnell. De puntjes stellen het aantal tikken voor, deze kan je dan opzoeken in het Polybiusvierkant. It's very easy to be applied, I am sure you will not miss. What? GPS Devices; Packs & Gear; TOTT - Tools Of The Trade; Pencils & Pens; Flashlights; Lanyards; Hide-a-Cache. I don't see how. It uses the Groundspeak Geocaching Live API and requires you to authenticate with your account. Type the text into the textbox on the right and press the = button. The email is pretty entertaining and the cacher in question is an infamous PAIN to the cachers in their area. I'll stick with MY opinion. I have gotten email from TB owners demanding that I get a TB from someone I handed it off to, or out of a cache that has sat unfound for several months, AS IF I was responsible for some precious jewel, or their kid or something. The code dosen't insult my intelligence, but most people who've read my posts gather that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Not to roll it up into a sabre and skewer the SOB who tore up the area to begin with. Safety:(and SAFETY only): This is the only area where I would add a little. What am I missing here? I just skimmed it, didn't read it word for word, but is there anything in there about "having fun"? I personally DON'T want to see anything about traveling items in the code. Perhaps a required part of the cache description would be a breakdown of the two ratings. If the cache is placed in a legal spot (again, we have rules about that), then we've done the best we can - unless someone wants to outlaw all but 1/1 caching. The ratings system was debated a while ago, and it was programmatically unfeasible to change it. The site can't control its members' actions, but it can ask them to follow reasonable guidelines. Of course, you'd need a paid director, and he'd need expenses, and a secretary. Do not disrupt the cache area or mark the hiding spot. You can certainly negatively and adversely affect something without damaging it. It seems well-thought out.

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